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Curriculum Vitae

Margot Stöckl


Born on 5 May 1963 and raised in the village of a high mountain valley located between the Zillertal Alps and the Upper Tauern, moulded in the traditions of the surrounding steep mountains, icy glaciers and high alpine meadows, a noticeably lively interest in fine arts was slumbering already in her youth, leading her to attend the Higher Technical School for Arts and Crafts in Innsbruck.

Even at this time – although still unknowingly - she appeared to have within herself what is presently particularly current and important for her: namely not to allow herself to be directly influenced by any specific genre or art movement.

It is rather the case that all the impressions collected since her youth over the years in many trips abroad are reflected in her sculptures and influence the singular, original style that makes her works so vivid: unreal, caricature-like, and yet extremely animated representations of human facial features typical in many cultures. A creativity virtually relentlessly driven by artistic inspiration causes in part very old, once indispensable tools to merge with exotically formed heads, lets the bulky figures under the hands of this petite Zillertal sculptress awaken as monuments, all emanating feelings and having, as it were, stories to tell -- while the beholder lingers, mouth open, amazed…´

Materials: wood, clay, stone, metal

D. Rieser 2009